About Us

Willdonna Oil & Gas Company

Willdonna Oil & Gas Company was formerly named (William-C Oil & Gas Company) and was founded in the year 2005. It was changed to Willdonna Oil & Gas Company on this day 31st May, 2018. It's a US Based Oil & Gas Company.

Our professionals work on some of the world’s most remote and exciting projects, and we’re strategically positioned to capitalise on the expanding opportunities in global markets.

Strength through diversity

As we’ve grown, we’ve learned the value of customising our services to meet evolving industry needs, and of partnering with the world’s best providers in each field.

In 2006, we established our Ascentis division to deliver specialised operations solutions to the minerals-processing industry.

Two years later, in 2008, we made three significant acquisitions: Shell Oil & Gas (Shell group), Sandwell International Inc., and Vector Engineering Inc.

Today, with this strategic partnership and change of company name (WILLDONNA OIL & GAS), make us a total solution provider to the global resources industry, able to provide a full range of infrastructure and world class engineering services.